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Buy Hoyt Contacts and Hoyt Contact Kits for Furnas Starters and Contractors online. As a Master Distributor for Hoyt Contacts in the Western United States, MLS Sales & Associates is the premier Furnas Replacement Contacts' source for Replacement Hoyt Contact Kits for all Furnas general purpose contactors, definite purpose contactors and line starters.

·  Furnas Series K

·  Furnas Bulletin 500

·  Furnas Bulletin 100

·  Furnas Series A

·  Furnas Innova 45 Series

Hoyt Corporation manufactures replacement contact kits for all major brands including:

Allen-Bradley Replacement Contacts

·  Bulletin 100 Line

·  Bulletin 500 Line

·  Series "A"

·  Series "K"

Cutler-Hammer Replacement Contacts

·  Freedom Series - NEMA

·  Freedom Series - IEC

General Electric Replacement Contacts

·  100, 200, 300 Line

·  5 KV Starters

·  3RT, 3TA, 3TB, and 3TF Contactors and Starters

·  Value Line Contactors and Starters

Siemens Replacement Contacts

·  Value Line Heavy Duty Contactors and Starters

·  World Series AC Contactors and Starters

Square-D Replacement Contacts

·  Class 9998

·  Class 7004

Westinghouse Replacement Contacts

·  A200 Starters

·  Advantage Starters


Each Hoyt Contact kit has the necessary springs, screws and contacts to make your contactor or motor starter like new again.
Hoyt is certified ISO 9001, and certifies that Hoyt Replacement Contact parts "meet or exceed manufacturers' specifications." All Hoyt Replacement Contacts are made in the USA in Hoyt's Englewood, NJ plant.